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Blue Jays

Blue Jays

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A combination of vintage Blue jays fabric,  Combined with a blue dot fleece. Finished with AesthetiKs bias laces & a lace lock. One of a kind baseball cap. 

Severed_ 6 Hat / Masks combo packs
Each one starts with a brand new cap that is then intensified with found upcycled fabrics, old handbags, clothing etc.... they are then , painted, bleached, or glittered. Finished with bias laces & a lace lock.
The matching mask is a 3 layer mask. The first two layer are brand new cotton the third is a mix of the fabrics used on the hat. A bendable nosestrip, elastic & Labelled. There is also a PM2.5 charcoal filter included.
These combos are 111$ ( if you want to buy without the mask at a slightly reduced cost please dm me)

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