I AM, Erikka Moojelsky.

Erikka Moojelsky is a Calgary born clothing & costume designer who believes in supporting local and creating long life fashion in a eco-conscious way.

Drawn to create from a very young age, Erikka spent her youth pouring over her mothers Vogue magazines and as early as the age of six, started designing and sewing clothes for her Barbie’s.

This strong belief in the power of an eye catching outfit found her seeking out any opportunity to advance her seamstress and design skills through out her youth with her completing her Diploma in Fibre from the renowned Kootenay School of the Arts in 2009.


Over the past eight years, Erikka has focused on her own design & production house – Neid Studio, which has brought her to both the VALT and MakeFashion Runways. She has been featured in Amazing Canadian Fashion Magazine and this June will have her clothing design creations on both the front & back cover of Standout Publications.

Erikka has had the privilege to work wardrobe and costume for some of the legends of the music industry, such as: Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson & the late Kenny Rogers. This work has leaded her to her ten-year goal (a couple years early) as a costumer in the Film and motion picture department.

Erikka is not someone who believes in disposable fashion. She sees a long-term solution by up-sourcing materials locally and hiring within the community, all while creating a product built to last. Combining new leathers with upcycled elements helps reduce & reuse while creating garments that last.


In May 2019 after a Near Death experience she rebranded under here own name Erikka Moojelsky AesthetiKs; enabling her to be more art focused.

“ Life’s short and we should be living our passions daily.”


Erikka feels extremely passionate about her community and giving back to those within it who are in need. Mental Health is a platform close to her heart & she donates 2.50 from every hat to The Canadian Mental Health Association. In spring 2020 she launched her AesthetiKs mentor program which is a guiding light for highschool students that are more art driven then their peers and want more guidance in the field. 

Erikka is well known for having limitless spirit, a generous and creative soul.

“I want to inspire others to dream big and help motivate them to make those dreams become realities.”